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True Love Starts
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29+ years ago, I made a life changing discovery. If I was ever going to be in a safe, nurturing, loving relationship, I needed to start by examining what I believed about myself, men and relationships. That was an eye-opening journey! And I needed relationship skills which I certainly didn’t learn from my parents. Now, I’m married to the love of my life and we are still “in love” with the chemistry hot.

In the years since, 87% of my clients have married or entered a committed relationship within 12 months of us beginning work together.

I want you to be one of these women. Are you ready to have a loving, committed relationship? Are you ready to dive into learning about yourself and gaining the skills that you need?

Eva Love

The Relationship Mentor

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Are you ready to change what you believe about yourself, men and relationships so you never have to struggle again?