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The Biggest Hidden Obstacle Stopping You from Attracting the Love of Your Life

Does the question, “Why am I not attracting the ‘Right One’ for me?” lead you to self-doubt? Or to feelings of not being ‘good enough,’ pretty enough, smart enough, sexy enough, or whatever enough?

Have you ever heard that to attract and have a wonderful relationship with your mate, you must first have a wonderful relationship with yourself?

Whenever I talk about loving yourself, women often turn off. It’s not that they don’t want to love themselves; it’s that they don’t know how. It’s not something they can put their hands on. It seems too ethereal, too “out there” for them. Like shooting at moonbeams.

Sometimes when we work on loving ourselves it brings up feelings about the things that we don’t like. And because we’re not taught how to deal with those feelings it’s not something we want to do.

But what if the hidden obstacle to attracting the Love of Your Life is a low opinion of yourself, which is further damaged each time you criticize, condemn, or doubt yourself?

You Teach Others How to Treat You By How You Treat Yourself

You see, others learn how to treat you by how you treat yourself. Not taking care of yourself is a huge red flag for your prospective mate. If you don’t value yourself, why should he?

If you abandon your own needs and desires to fulfill the needs and desires of others, then others will abandon your needs and desires, too. Discounting yourself is a recipe for a sad and lonely life.

Those you attract reflect how much you value yourself. To attract a great guy, it’s paramount that you value, appreciate, and love yourself. If you don’t, no one else will either.

So, what does this wonderful relationship with yourself look like? How do you get to the place where you really, really love, value, and appreciate who you are?

So, to make it easier, I have created a Loving Yourself Worksheet to help you acknowledge, value appreciate and love all of who you are.

Click here for my Loving Yourself Worksheet that will forever change the way you feel about yourself.

Saying “I Love You” Doesn’t Cut It

I learned in the 80’s that for my life to change, I had to start loving myself. So, looking in the mirror said, “I love you.” But I didn’t. I really hated myself. I hated my anger, my big overweight body, my sharp tongue, and all of my failures.

To respect and value myself, to appreciate and recognize all of the great qualities that I expressed I created this exercise. I worked through it and learned to really love myself. It showed up in my wonderful husband, the Love of MY Life.

So click here to get started deeply loving yourself so you can remove that hidden obstacle and be the attraction magnet that you’re meant to be.

If you want a great mate, your first assignment is to learn to truly value, appreciate and love yourself. Using this exercise you’ll be a large step closer to attracting and having the Love of Your Life.