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Tired of Attracting the Wrong Ones…
Or No One at All?

Are you ready to change what you believe about yourself, men and relationships so you never have to struggle again?


Hello! I'm Eva Love.

I understand the pain of finding the wrong mates. In fact, I married TWO of them.

And then I discovered the secret to creating and finding everlasting love. True love needed to start within ME.

I have now been married to my amazing husband, Will, for 25 years, and I want you to experience the same type of love we have!

For the last 29 years, I have been showing women how to attract the Right One. Over 87% of my single clients are either married or in a committed relationship within 12 months (and happier than they ever thought they could be).

Do you wish that you had the magic to naturally attract the Right One and then be able to easily create a loving relationship that will last a lifetime?


How to Be Loved Like You’ve Never Been Loved Before

As a result of this program, you will say goodbye to...

  • Lonely nights;

  • Anxiousness about whether true love will ever happen for you;

  • Dreaded family gatherings and parties where you are the only one without a mate

How to Be Loved Like You've Never Been Loved Before Includes...

  • 10 Modules of Training, each including a Short audio recording. (10 minutes or less) ~A power-packed lesson to bring you Love Like You've Never Had It Before!

  • 10 Interactive Worksheet Practices, where you will implement what you learned from the training. (These are then to be sent to me) 

  • 10 Lesson Reviews by me where I will give you feedback and guidance to help you speed your journey and keep you on the right track toward having the LOVE you long for.

  • A PRIVATE Facebook Group, monitored by me for additional help and guidance along your journey.  For asking questions and interacting with others on their journey.  Remember, this is a safe space and will be a secret group only for participants.

What You'll Get From This Program

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  • Understand how to recognize and break destructive relationship patterns

  • Understand that you are way more powerful than you have realized

  • Learn how to identify and release the sabotaging beliefs that keep you from having the relationship you long for

  • Know how to become deeply happy and content with yourself so that you radiate confidence

  • Be able to bring your “dark side” into the light so you can heal it and be free

  • Determine how much you value yourself and if you believe that you deserve a great relationship

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  • Learn skills that will make having and keeping a loving relationship easier than ever before

  • Know what really attracts a man (and it’s not what you think)

  • Stop pushing good men away (and/or recognize that they are good men)

  • Fix your picker

  • Identify how to transmit your unique code that the Right One recognizes you

  • Learn how to date so it’s fun and relaxing instead of nerve-racking and disappointing

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  • Learn how to balance your needs with the needs of others

  • Get the attention, recognition and support that you require as a woman

  • Access your power so you can quit trying to control and manipulate

  • Develop the skills and confidence to communicate with your mate in ways which strengthen your relationship while setting your expectations and boundaries

  • Know how to guide men to treat you with admiration and respect

  • Learn how to bring out the best in your man and teach him how to bring out the best in you

This Program is Different from ANY Program You've Ever Seen...

It is NOT about...

  • Manipulation techniques

  • How to trick guys in to wanting you

  • How to change yourself to conform to what some guy thinks you should be

  • Fantasizing about a guy who will walk through your front door and manifesting him magically

  • Hunting for a guy... Leave the hunting to the guys...

It is NOT for women who are...

  • Gold diggers or man-eaters.

  • Looking for a sugar-daddy or a meal ticket.

  • Wanting a “friends with benefits” relationship

  • Addicts, narcissists, sociopaths, or have a personality disorders

This Program is For You if You...

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  • Are tired of being alone and long to share your life with a loving, caring man who “gets” you

  • Aren’t attracting the Right One for you or no one at all

  • Feel that your picker is broken

  • Don’t believe that there are any “good men” left

  • Have trouble trusting

  • Get stressed about dating, avoid dating because it’s too scary, believe it’s too much work or a waste of your time

  • Feel like you’re invisible to men

  • Are treated like one of the guys by your men friends

  • Want to have better relationships with everyone in your life

If you decide you are ready for this discounted yet highly transformational experience, you agree to...

  • Fully participate in your transformational journey, which means doing the homework for each module;

  • Give me honest feedback. There will be a feedback sheet after each module to record your comments on what you like, and/or what you don't like. YOUR suggestions will help me improve the program for future participants. (Optional)

  • Provide a testimonial at the end of the program (if you feel that it deserves your recommendation).

About the Program

How to Be Loved Like You've Never Been Loved Before is a Self-Paced, Interactive program where I will be walking you through this journey and you will receive my imput and feedback, at the end of each module.

There are 10 Modules which include an Audio Lesson (10 minute or less) and a printable worksheet assignment for you to complete and send back to me for my feedback and guidance.

If you want to be loved like you've never been loved before, then click the button below and let's get started! Do it now! Your journey to LOVE awaits...

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