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Why Join the LOVE Mentoring Circle?

...from GOOD to GREAT!

Even if your relationship is good, learning how to keep your love growing, the chemistry hot, and making it stronger so it thrives when life’s storms hit, will give you more enjoyment in your relationship than you ever knew you could have...

LOVE Mentoring Circle
is for you! 


If you are tired of struggling with your mate and are ready to have a loving, fun, easy-going relationship where you both are fully supporting each other and love being together...

LOVE Mentoring Circle
is for you!

...from LONGING to LOVED!

If you are frustrated with not having a relationship at all and want to share your life with a wonderful, loving, passionate, fun mate, where the chemistry lasts a lifetime...

LOVE Mentoring Circle
is for you!

We are the only relationship community focused on supporting YOU with


where you actually get mentoring from a 29-Year Relationship Mentor!

Choose One… Your investment in YOU will be $47/month or $395/annually ($32/mo)

[BONUS]>>>  With the Annual membership... You will receive a Private Mentoring session with Eva! (Valued @ $375)

 [PLUS]>>> As a "Charter Member", you will receive an Exclusive 90 minute Live Training on "Power -VS- Control" (Valued @ $795)

It’s Time to Be Euphoric with Your LOVE LIFE!

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I know the feeling of being in a mediocre relationship but not knowing what to do to make it better.

I know the pain of divorce and relationship betrayal.

I know what it’s like to be single and long for the love that I had hoped would fill my life when I married.

I know what it’s like to live with the regret of my choices with men.

Hi, I’m Eva Love, known as The Relationship Mentor.

For 29 years, I’ve been showing my clients how to have loving, committed relationships that last a lifetime.

Today I’m married to the love of my life. We’ve been together for 26 enchanting years.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I had two divorces and 4 broken engagements by the time I was 34. My second divorce was devastating. I couldn’t get over the damage that it had done to my children and I couldn’t forgive myself.

I was so depressed that I didn’t feel like I deserved to live and went to the top of a mountain to drive off a 1000’ cliff.

Your Relationship Should Enrich Your Life
NOT Threaten or Diminish the Value of It!

I’ve worked with over 7500 clients and 87% of my single clients are either married or in a committed relationship within 12 month. And 91% of my couple clients are like love-birds again.

If you Want a Relationship Where...

- Love Continues to Grow

- Chemistry is Exciting

- Laughter and Fun Fills     Your Days

- Communication Easily Flows

- Conflict is Resolved Quickly Where Both of You Win                                       

Now is the Time to Join
the LOVE Mentoring Circle!

Relationships Should NOT be Hard!

When you’re stressed about your relationship, it effects every other part of your life.  Having conflict with the one you love zaps your energy and effects your productivity.

The dull ache of NOT having a relationship can take the joy out of your life.

Even if you don’t have any of these issues, just knowing that there is so much more you could be experiencing from your relationship leaves you wondering what else you could be doing to make it better.


waking every day with a feeling of being loved, cherished and adored by your mate. Where you continue to feel the chemistry and communication easily flows. You no longer dread the loneliness of living with a mate where every conversation is a struggle. Or the loneliness of not having a mate.

You’ve learned to say “YES!” to living the life you had only dreamed of before.

You’re not worried about being alone another Saturday night. Or always being the third wheel (And this can happen even when you’re married if your mate doesn’t want to do the things you enjoy).

You’re not wondering what’s going to happen to you if get sick and can’t work or if you’ll have someone who is nurturing to take care of you.

Most importantly, you feel relaxed and at ease with your life. You fall asleep in the arms of your mate feeling secure in your love. You know that you are planning your future and financial security with a mate who wants what you want.

You are grateful that you have the skills, tools and mindset to have created this delicious life that you are enjoying.

Skills + Tools + Mindset =

Magical Relationships


 Using the
That will Guarantee Your Success!

Welcome to the LOVE Mentoring Circle!


Group Mentoring Community for creating a #10 Relationship

Choose One… Your investment in YOU will be $47/month or $395/annually ($32/mo)

Tired of your relationships falling far short of your desires?


Here is What You’ll Get.. 

  Mentoring ~ Tools ~ Skill Building ~ Mindset Training 

This is for YOU no matter where YOU live in the world.

I have designed this program so that the call times will work for anyone.


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I’m committed to your success, and take a personal interest in your questions and challenges.  You will have access to me to help you through the issues that you are facing. You will not find this in any other relationship community. You will be able to work with me during our live calls by requesting a "LOVE Seat."

Two live 60 -90 minute calls monthly will support you with training and mentoring. 


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Learn the tools that will:


  • Make resolving conflict easy and productive.
  • Make conversation flow and avoid the common communication pitfalls that make relationships hard.
  • Show you how to have both you and your partner get what each of you want and need
  • And many more…

You’ll have confidence in your ability to have a successful relationship whether you are repairing a damaged relationship or starting a new one.


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Each week you’ll receive a short audio recording (10 min. or less) targeting a specific relationship topic, with a micro skill-building practice to help you get really good. You know you get good at what you practice. The problem is that most of us have been practicing poor relationship skills.

With my short weekly Skill Building lesson, you’ll soon find your relationship skills will bring you great results.


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Along with the tools and skills that you’ll be learning, you’ll also be getting my best mindset training to set you up for success with all of your relationships. What you believe about yourself, the opposite sex and relationships is affecting all of your relationships.

Remember…Your investment in YOU will be $47/month or $395/annually ($32/mo) + Bonuses!

Having the proper mindset will make all the difference in your interactions with everyone you meet and all of your existing relationships.

Member Benefits


How the LOVE Mentoring Circle Works

There are 4 components to this program:

2 LOVE Mentoring Calls per month with LOVE Seats in each. (60-90 minutes each)

4 short LOVE Mentoring Lessons per month (one per week). Short Audio + Skill Building Practices.

LOVE Mentoring Forum for asking questions, giving and receiving support and creating new friendships. (Eva will be in the forum daily) 

LOVE Mentoring Circle Library where you will find the Lessons, Audio/Video that you can access at your convenience.


Pop up Contests, Rewards and Fun

I love fun and our Mentoring Circle will provide a variety of fun ways to encourage participation. As you already know, you win in lots of ways when you show up and in addition to gaining new tools, insights and improving your relationships, you’ll also win awards, gifts and prizes. I will explain the rewards program in our live LOVE Orientation Call.



Let’s face it…having relationship issues can be lonely.  It can be embarrassing to talk to your friends about it and who wants to have people talking about what’s going on in your relationsip. In this circle, you’ll have confidentiality and a safe space to share to get the information and guidance that will actually help you, plus the support and encouragement that you need to take the next steps. In the privacy of this group you can rest assured that your challenges will stay in the community and go no further.


Access to Eva Love, The Relationsip Mentor:

Eva has been mentoring her clients for 29 years.  She’s intuitive and can hone in on exactly what the issue is in a few minutes. The only other way to get Eva focused on YOUR relationship questions is to work with her privately or attend one of her group programs. Neither of these will be as affordable as this mentoring circle.


>>>YOU being a "Charter Member" - those that are in this FIRST Circle will receive the Exclusive Power vs Control Training Live with Eva!   A 90 Minute training NOT offered to anyone else.(Valued @ $800)<<<


>>>With the Annual Membership.... Your Gift from Eva is a Private Session with her! (Valued at $375)<<<

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I can’t make the semi-monthly Calls. Should I even Bother?

A: YES! I welcome your questions in our private member community, and will answer any questions I receive either in the group directly or on the call. You can submit your questions prior to the call and they will be answered during the call. All calls are recorded and the recordings are available to re-watch or to listen to in our member library.


Q: Where is the private member community?

A: Our member community is located in the LOVE Mentoring site on my website at   I think you will be blown away by how easy it is to access and use!


Q: What Does “Access to Eva” mean?

A: Simply put, it means you can connect with Eva within the private member community or on our twice-monthly calls.  She will be monitoring the group Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST and also occasionally during the evenings and weekends.   NOTE: Eva knows that when a relationship issue gets unbearable you will be looking for an immediate answer to get out of your pain.  Many of your fellow Circle Members have studied extensively with her and will be able to guide you until Eva can get her eyes on your post.


Q: How are my Payments Processed?

A: Monthly payments are accepted via credit or debit card only.  Charges will run every month, on the day on which you signed up.  If you sign up for the annual membership, at a significant savings, you will only have one payment in the year. We use a private and verified merchant processor – – all your information is secure and private.


Q: Does the LOVE Mentoring Circle require a Contract or Minimum Commitment?

A: No, If you are on the monthly membership, you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time.  Simply email to cancel.  If you are on the annual membership, you may cancel at the end of your membership period.

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